Treasure House Botanicals Kratom Review

The most famous products which are in use as a modern approach are the kratom products. Kratom has proven very beneficial for its users due to its many advantageous activities.

But the most annoying fact is to find the authentic product in the market, which is becoming a hard day today because due to the abundance of substandard products. Many companies and industries claim to manufacture authorized and reliable products but unfortunately, only a few of them follow their sayings.

We everyday search for a vendor who produces quality kratom that is essential for the health of a person.

Treasure House botanicals are our new researched vendor who has a wide inventory of kratom products which every user looks for.

What are the offered products at Treasure House Botanicals?

Each product produced at Treasure House Botanicals has a product label at the bottom of every product where a batch number is written. This number is for the recent batch number of the products.

This number will help customers in understanding what they are buying because different factors are involved in affecting the kind of strain such as weather, harvesting, and the time.

For example, you buy a strain which works best for you, so till you have that batch number, you can be not worried because you can buy the same quality of product with that batch number.

This way is best to keep a record of your best strains. Let’s discuss some of the products available at Treasure House Botanicals and their usage. These products are processed into powders and capsules.

  • Maeng Da
  • Modern Maeng Da
  • Elephant strain
  • Jonkong Maeng Da
  • Piaman

Maeng Da is one of the most former strains of kratom and being the most famous. This kind of kratom provides extra potency to the kratom which is manufactured through unique and selective breeding and grafting. The mature leaves of kratom are used to harvest this strain with a powerful aroma.

Most vendors are selling Modern Maeng Da with the name of basic Maeng Da strain. These forms are picked from the purest leaves of kratom and this is an actual trick. To maintain its aroma, this strain is preserved indoors, unlike others which are cured outdoors.

The elephant strain is named on its leaf structure that resembles the ear of an elephant. Its strength is similar to that of Maeng Da and due to its strong aroma, it is making its name in the kratom market.

Jonkong is a famous strain which is sold at Treasure House Botanicals. It reflects the location effect on kratom. This strain is also cured indoor and organized separately. This strain is also somehow similar to Maeng Da but the only difference is the location. Piaman is a type of elephant strain whose leaves are from Hulu Kapuas but this is not the same as elephant strain overall. The leaves of this strain are dried within a few hours which give this strain more darker colour. Some of these processes change the alkaloid content of the leaf.