Backup Your Mac on External Hard Drive


It is a portable device that is located outside the computer that can be connected through a USB cable, wireless or FireWire connection. These devices store high capacities of files or media and often used to back up computers or serve as a network drive. Also, they come in handy when the internal storage sector of the machine is at its full memory capacity. However, before using the device, it is essential to comprehend various ways of backing up data and the advancements in this industry.

Ways to Backup

Foremost they are several ways that you can apply to back up your media or files to your removable storage device.

Use the Backup software

The backup software makes your work easy, as instead of copying a large program file directly to your backup device you can use the software. In that, the free backup software enables you to create a backup image of the program files folders to the drive. Additionally, most customer hard disk packages include backup software which may be accessed after the software is configured. However, these programs may not be having advanced features; meaning that you will not do not have an advanced backup system but you can Macrium Reflect.

1. Cloning

You can clone your disc drive to your computer for backup. You need to begin by launching your backup software and then select clone, afterward choose the disc to be duplicated and click next. From there you are required to choose your hard disk. Click the sector by sector clone option, and you can start cloning all segments from your machine to the external disk. However, the disc drive and the source disk must be compatible with backup successfully.

2. USB Cable

You only need a USB cable or Firewire port to connect it to your laptop. After the hard disk is visible in your machine, you need to copy the files you want to copy or cut them and paste them in your removable disc.

3. Advancement of External Hard drives

The technology behind external portable disc is advancing, and now we have one that is both fire and waterproof. On top of that, these devices come with data-recovery warranties. In that, you are assured that if the disc drive is damaged, the data can be resurrected and restored to you. Hence you are sure that your data will always be safe, this type is worth the investment.


You should always look for removable devices with reliable features and acquire them despite their price. Notably, this is to save you from frustration that is as a result of the failure of your disk due to purchasing one that is cheap and with limited features.